The typical answer to the question of “how do I become better at ‘x’?” is more often than not a blank statement that sounds good, but that doesn’t really give you any direct instructions.

For example, you want to become a senior programmer? Well then, buckle down and show up daily and do the hard work and you will get there one day.

None of that is wrong. You should do all those things and more. But more than likely you were already doing those things to some degree. …

If there is one industry currently in our society that is continuing to grow regardless of circumstance, it is the tech industry. Pretty much everyone these days owns at a minimum one computing device, a smartphone. And that device is connected to the internet serving out billions of web requests every single day.

At the source of that request being served there is almost always a web developer, a designer, a database admin or even a data scientist. …

5. Consider a lower salary

Laptop with code on desk
Laptop with code on desk

The first job in any field is undoubtedly the most difficult one that you are going to get. There’s that weird paradox that most companies live by in which you need some level of experience in order to get the job, but you need the job first in order to get that experience. So it’s a tricky situation.

My first programming job happened over a decade ago, but I still remember that it wasn’t at all an easy task getting hired, even with a college degree. …

A common theme in self-help books and business courses is the “magic of saying no” to anything that isn’t of interest to you. Your time is important and if someone enters your field with a prospect that isn’t perfect, then they will take away from your limited pool of energy and cause you your inevitable success.

That’s the theory anyway. Aside from lacking a level of humility, this might only really apply if you are already at the higher levels of success. Yes, if you are running a 7-figure self-help coaching system on YouTube, you probably should say ‘no’ to…

There’s a good chance that if you were to start a company right now, that your business partners would be your closest and most trustworthy friends. And there’s also a good chance that your business might not might make it for the long haul and that it might leave behind some residual damage. I’ll say now, friends are great, and startups fail often times, it’s just a part of the process. The first startup that I co-founded was essentially me and my close friends, and we ran that startup for 3 years without losing a single member of the team.

I only recently discovered that what I had assumed to be normal every day forgetfulness, boredom and constant pen twirling is more than likely some level of ADHD. Not more than likely. It is ADHD. After much research, many online tests and talking to other’s who are officially diagnosed, I realized that I pretty much ticked ‘yes’ on the entire list of symptoms.

I never really bothered to even question that my way of thinking might not be the societal norm. Was school at a young age painful? You bet it was. I wanted to be anywhere but in that…

Note: I am not a financial advisor of any kind, so don’t misconstrue any of this as investing advice. I’m simply sharing my personal experience with investing in cryptocurrencies.

It was mid 2020 and for the past few months I was working hard at increasing my revenue streams in anyway that I could. Being in the middle of a pandemic with the traditional economic channels temporarily blocked, tends to have that affect on people. I had very slight experience when it came to investing in general, though mainly through traditional stocks and not digital currency.

Up to this point, I…

It was 2008 when I made my way out of college and into the corporate world. With a clip-on tie and a souped up Honda Civic, I was ready to take on the challenge. I drove around the city interview after interview looking for my big break, much like your typical actor driving to California to be the next Al Pacino.

After 2 months of looking, I got what I wanted. My first job as a software engineer. It was both terrifying and exciting. Both emotions are very closely tied together. Just one week into my new career and I…

Life before the Q&A platform for programmers

desktop with a laptop keyboard, a paper notebook with pen, and a cup of coffee
desktop with a laptop keyboard, a paper notebook with pen, and a cup of coffee

It may be hard to believe, but there was a period in time when Stack Overflow wasn’t a real website and when the term essentially just meant that you ran out of memory in your application for some unknown reason — a reason that you couldn’t look up on Stack Overflow. The irony is not lost on me.

Stack Overflow has essentially changed the way that we approach software engineering forever and ever. It’s where we find solutions to bugs from ten years ago and where we learn about best practices, as people call each other out for being outdated…

I think it’s safe to say that the web browser has become one of the most important tools in modern times. It’s how we research, communicate, make purchases and even unwind at the end of the day. It’s also probably safe to admit that you were probably served tens of thousands of ads during that time, most fading into the background of your subconscious never to be heard from again. But still generating income for the publisher, the ad network and the inevitable tax system behind it. There is an underlying economy underneath your browsing.

But what if this whole…

Walter Guevara

Sr. Programmer. Coding blogger. Former startup CTO. Los Angeles native. Future sci-fi author.

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