The One Question To Ask Yourself If You Feel Stuck In Life

Walter Guevara
3 min readOct 21, 2021

We all come to those points in our lives where we can’t quite figure out where to head to next on our great big adventure. Often times this happens when we get too comfortable with our current situations and surroundings. Why head anywhere when here is pretty okay?

Well. Because odds are, there is something else that you could be doing right now or somewhere else that you could be that is several times more fulfilling than your current situation. And you would be doing yourself a disservice by not exploring those possibilities.

So when you find yourself becoming bored with life and looking for direction, but are held back by the comforts of modern life, or the fear of change even, there is one question that you can ask yourself that will usually get the neurons firing and the legs moving in some direction. And it’s a question that I find myself coming back to time and time again.

“What would you be doing right now if you could do anything?”

A million answers might immediately jump out in front of you. You’d be eating your favorite sandwich from the best corner deli, or maybe working out, or reading a book, or watching YouTube or maybe just not being at work. Probably that last one more than anything else.

All valid answers. And that’s how most people answer when I ask them that very specific question. Truthfully, that’s how I used to answer as well. But they miss out on the one keyword that’s the most important in the whole thing.


If there were one thing right now that you could be doing, and only one thing, what would that look like. It probably wouldn’t be working out. And it more than likely isn’t reading a book indefinitely. Maybe eating a sandwich? Depending on the sandwich (world’s best sandwich?).

For most people though, that question is shrouded in complexity and mystery and maybe even some levels of anxiety as they begin to ponder the meaning of their lives.

Anxiety because we don’t actually know what it is that we’d rather be doing. We just haven’t had the time to stop and to think about the next 5 years. Often times we barely have enough time to think about the…



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